Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan concluded its 14th Congress

We are announcing that Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan successfully concluded its 14th congress during the past few days.
The 14th congress of Komala Party was product of tireless efforts and few months advance preparation of our colleagues who provided time table and security and then full participation of all branches of our organization, representatives and observers for several days.
This congress chose slogan of unity and persistence and then official anthem of Komala Party and one minute silence for martyrs of Komala marked the opening of 14th Congress. As a first step, preparation committee presented a report about election process of representatives and it followed by votes of confidence that was given to the congress. The congress approved its internal bylaws and regulation and board of directors and then immediately entered its discussion agenda.
The discussion agenda of 14th congress with exception of the political report of general secretary that presented by him and then were discussed and analyzed, included this topics: discussion and approval of statutes that was amended and modified, vertices of party’s policies, related resolutions of the discussed topics and electing general secretary, members and substitutes central committee.
The first discussed topic of congress as mentioned earlier was a political report that presented by general secretary.

This report discussed and analyzed political situation of Kurdistan, Iran and region and the importance of 14th Congress for our further political and party’s activities also was given a great amount of attention.

At the end vertices of our crucial task and responsibilities that was given by resolutions of congress stressed as well. It is also crucial to mention that reports and written activities of different branches of organization were distributed among the participants of congress.
A political report about Kurdish question in Middle East and its possible consequences was presented that included Komala Party’s policies regarding each part of Kurdistan, such as Peace process between Turkish government and PKK, Syria’s condition and our policy about Kurdish struggle in that country and Kurdistan region and its unique statues.
The other important part of political report was included Iran’s political condition following 11th presidential election and it followed by analyzing new developments of Kurdish struggle in Iran.
The political report of general secretary was also pointed to vertices of main responsibilities during this period, improving activities of our media, more involvement with social activities, persisting and improving activities of our abroad organization, improving education statues at all level of organization, persistence and improving Pishmrga force and its relating educational program, new round of efforts for finding a united a Kurdish front in Iran, improve and continuation of our relation with pro-democracy groups within Iranian opposition and improvement of our relation at international and regional levels as well.
The second agenda of 14th Congress was statutes of our party. This topic was presented by general secretary (Abdullah Mohtadi) and it was a product of several commissions’ efforts during the last 2 years. Most importantly a commission combined of representatives of 14th Congress had analyzed this statutes and it was amended and modified for several times and eventually was approved by majority them. Once more congress discussed this amended statutes and it was approved by majority of representatives.
Reforming structure of our party, electing mechanism and Komala’s leadership task, improving and legalizing our party’s function, improving mechanism in dealing with internal discussion our party, improving level of participation for notation of our party’s policies, persist and clarification of responsibilities of central departments, improving level of supervision and collective responsibilities, confirming the necessity of persistence and unity within ranks of our party and diminishing the possibility of creating instability with Komala, modernizing and improving the function of our party based on examples of advanced and democratic political parties of the world were among the main vertices of this amended and modified statutes.
The other topics which were widely discussed during several seminars and discussion groups prior to 14th congress, included vertices of Komala Party’s policies and its related resolutions. The new round of efforts for re-unification with colleagues who left from our party’s ranks several years ago was another discussing agenda of congress, the written resolution and related documents will be published in the upcoming days.
The election process for general secretary and main members of central committee and three substitute members was the final agenda plan of 14th congress: Faroq Babamiri, salah Bayaziddi, Nahid Bahmai, Zagros Khosravey, Khalid Hossien-zadeh, Taher Abdpanah, Khaled Alipour, Azam Ghobadi-pour, Saleh Sharefi, Rafigh Hossien-Panahi, Mohammad Kurdi, Anvar Mohammadi, Abobakr (Siyamak Moderasi), Abdullah Mohtadi (general secretary) and Jalal Naveh as members of central committee and Jamal Ahmadi, Ali Bahmani and Soran Palani as substitute members were elected by voted of representatives.
At the end we would like to present our sincere appreciation to all colleagues and individuals who tirelessly worked hard in order to organize a best atmosphere of security, and a great level of service with considering such a unique situation of 14th congress. We also present our congratulations to all ranks of komala Party and masses of Kurdistan for successfully concluding this congress.

The 14th Congress of Komala Party is calling all colleagues for a new round of efforts where we can tirelessly put together all our energy for moving forward and follow all responsibilities are ahead of us during such a sensitive and crucial period. We believe political transparency, internal persistence and unity among our ranks with hard-working and tireless efforts of all of us will mark our further success and advancement in future.
14th Congress of Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan
July 26, 2013

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