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In a recent statement, Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan announced that they have reached and signed a joint agreement.

The content of the joint statement is as follows:

Following mutual meetings and hearings, Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party and Iranian Kurdistan Komala party could agree upon a joint agreement.

Prior to this recent meeting, their expert boards have been gathering several times and working on this accord for years.

The current meeting was organized with the intention of discussing and highlighting the general important issues regarding the region of concern, the specific issues pertinent to Iran and Kurdistan, and in continuing the mutual dialogues to prepare a joint agreement for further cooperation between the two parties.

In conclusion, on Tuesday 21st august 2012, the delegations of the two parties including their leaders convened in a meeting in the main office of KDPI to authorize the mentioned accord.

In a five- hour board meeting, while discussing important issues about the region of interest, namely Iran and Kurdistan, the leaders of the two parties Messrs. Mustafa Hijri and Abullah Mohtadi finalized the process of the joint agreement and authorized the agreement.

The parties also pinned hopes on the fact that the content of this agreement will predispose further cooperation between the parties, and it will be the start point for cooperation among Iranian political forces in the future.

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

Equivalent to
05/31/1391 Solar Hijri Calendar

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan signed a bilateral agreement regarding their reciprocal cooperation and interests on 31 Mordad 1391 Solar calendar.

The context of the agreement:

This agreement is signed by the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan. Hereafter, the parties will be called Democrat and Komala.


Apparently, the Kurdish liberation movement in Iranian Kurdistan has continually been passing through different fluctuating stages of its struggles for freedom and independence.

It is an undeniable fact that the Kurds of Iran went through a process of national resistance movement against the central governments, self- devotion, losing and martyring their children for proving of their identity, their political rights, and above all their national self- determination.

Various worldwide changes, recent developments of the Middle East, new power balance of the superpowers and modern doctrine of the global realm have provided a great opportunity to the Kurds to initiate their demands and emphasize more and more their rights in an international level.

The new waves of changes and pervasive demands for democratization in the Middle East, have either overwhelmingly overthrown the dictatorial regimes of the region or is toppling them stronger than ever. Eventually, with continuous struggle by its freedom fighters, the tyrant regime of Islamic republic of Iran leaves the regime no other horizon but being overthrown.

In the past three years, after rise and fall of Green movement, the Iranian opposition and various groups of dissidents settling abroad have started a new round of dialogues and joint activities. In this regard, compared to the past and despite the differences of opinions, mutual understandings and adjacencies have been arisen among these groups so that the notion of unifying and attempting to open a democratic front with the clear slogan of Regime change have received more acceptance in comparison to the past.

In this particular period, Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan have reciprocally cooperated concerning several important issues. Consequently, due to the increasing process of cooperation and growing closeness between the two parties as the most legitimate political streams, they believe that in such circumstances, reaching an agreement upon a set of fundamental common points in the framework of this project is undoubtedly inevitable.

This joint platform as the principal political agenda against the contemporary political changes is representing an alliance between the two political streams.

This joint agreement, which was endorsed by the leaders of the two parties, determines a basis for their mutual operations in political, diplomatic, publicizing, propaganda and media issues.
Simultaneously, the agreement is a basis of joint activities for further developing of this agreement and establishing of grounds for further cooperation among other Iranian political forces.

A) General principles:

1. The two parties believe that practicing democracy and achieving national rights for the different nations especially the Kurds within the borders of Iran will not be realized without overthrowing of the Islamic regime. They also believe that the future political system of Iran needs to be secular, democratic, and federal. Therefore, it is essential that both parties would insist on these certain points while holding meetings with other Iranian opposition.

2. Komala and Democrat Parties have complete faith in free elections, in which the people of Kurdistan participate. They believe that only in such elections, the principles of democratization will be realized, and the polls are the most authentic source of legitimacy for all active political groups.

3. Both sides fully advocate the separation of church and state. They believe that the future governance of Kurdistan and the new constitution of the country should be prepared based on the principle of democracy, the universal declaration of human rights, the national and political rights of Kurdistan. In addition, both parties believe that freedom of religion and other beliefs is a legitimate and undeniable right for all residence of Kurdistan.

4. Both parties lay stress on full equal rights for women and men including political, social, economic, cultural, and familial rights. Besides, they advocate modern and progressive international laws, and they will attempt to let these rights be ratified in the future.

5. Komala and Democrat Parties advocate and support freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of founding political organizations, freedom of establishment of civic organizations and associations, which maintains the rights of labors, women, students, youth, teachers etc.

6. The two sides agree to support and take a deep commitment to social justice and environmental protection of Kurdistan, as well as the inclusion of these issues in the constitution to maintain a sustainable process of peace in the region.

7. Both sides proclaim their profound commitment to arrive at peaceful solutions for any of their potential problems through holding dialogues, using political practices, and applying non-violence methods. They also suggest that similar approaches are necessary for all political forces in Kurdistan. Besides, they will attempt to introduce, practice, and stabilize these principles in the society.

8. Democrat and Komala parties consider and select “National- Geographic federalism” as their major political theme and program to find solutions for national oppression issue in Kurdistan. They consider themselves as the harbinger of this perspective, therefore they will cooperate on their mutual interests to realize and institutionalize these objectives.

9. The parties agree that the present agreement will not compromise any principles of their political, organizational, diplomatic and media independence. It would rather provide harmony and unity between the two sides in order to attain the mentioned objectives in this platform.

B) Responsibilities prior to regime change

1. Introducing dilemmas and demands of Kurdish people of Iran to the international community and gaining their political supports for Kurdish liberation movement. For instance, organizing joint diplomatic efforts at the global level and visiting the international centers in alignment with this purpose.

2. Adopting common views and positions in the seminars and conferences, as well as being in harmony in this area. Both parties stress on federalism as the sole solution for the Iranian nations, and they will support this slogan to become the prevailing idea among different discourses of the Iranian oppositions. Strengthening joint perspectives and supporting a progressive national discourse in the Federal Congress of Iranian Nations, and also preserving this organization against any threat and introducing it to the public opinion. Endeavoring to develop a mutual policy at the Iranian opposition level, and this will represent the fundamental principles of national- democratic movement of Kurdish people.

3. Both sides support Kurdish legitimate struggle in all four parts of Kurdistan, nevertheless, they believe that any intervention in the issues of the other parts will be indigested and unacceptable. In this regard, in order to maintain and heighten the relationships with other Kurdish political forces, and in order to acquire a better position for Kurdish people of Iran, as well as pursuing a joint policy, if necessary, both parties will organize joint meetings with the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan and other political forces.

4. Komala and Democrat parties believe that maintaining the national cohesion, unity, and the reinforcement of joint campaigns among Kurdish political forces are their strategic objectives. Therefore, if there is any potential obstruction to impede those objectives, they will attempt to find political solutions for the issue.

5. Both parties are determined to strengthen and develop their reciprocal co-operations. In this respect, in accordance with predetermined plans and programs, both sides agree to take practical steps toward further cooperation between the parties such as the use of media, publicizing joint statements regarding major political events, and joint actions to disclose every inhumane behavior of the Islamic regime or to support any civic and political movements in Iran.

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, and Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Mustafa Hijri/ Abdullah Mohtadi

August 2012
Equivalent to
Mordad 1391 Solar Hijri Calendar

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