Treatment of the members of the Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan and Kurdish Democratic Party (KDPI) by Islamic Republic

Komala Party is one of Iran’s opposition parties in Kurdistan. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy of destroying and annihilating the opposition has embraced Komala as well. Arrest, imprisonment and execution of Komala activists are one of the open and official policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the laws of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran, if a woman is sentenced to death, she must be deflowered before her execution, and hence the victim is raped. There are evidences that demonstrate the authorities would take blood from prisoners before their executions, to be used for Pasdaran [Revolutionary Guards]. The assassination of well known members and the leadership of the opposition, and in particular Komala, has taken place both at home and abroad.
It is not only the activists themselves who are in danger of persecution of the authorities, but also the family members of the Komala and other parties active in Kurdish areas are often under threat and are persecuted as well. On many occasions family members of Komala activists have been imprisoned by the security forces of the Islamic Republic, in order to force the activists to surrender themselves to the authorities. The confiscation of the belongings and the funds of the members and supporters of Komala is yet another tactic of the Iranian Regime. The arrest of Komala activists by the Islamic republic forces follows a particular pattern. Initially, the local security and intelligence authorities of the Regime, as expected, concoct an excuse for arresting the activist, for example accusation of other illegal activities. Most often these accusations include spying, holding weapons or other devices, or smuggling narcotic substances. However, this is not the case at times. In some cases, the person has been targeted for merely possessing a pamphlet or a CD which is about Komala.
Albeit the experiences and psychological traumas suffered by each individual are unique, however, one can observe a similar method in all of them. They are often accused of connections with Komala, without having any credible evidence. Many people are arrested and kept imprisoned without any charges, or after months being arrested, are kept without having any access to a solicitor or going through the judicial process.

Sometimes their charges are changed many times, without informing them on time or at an appropriate time, or they are charged with new charges. Many of them are kept in prison for a long time and are persecuted and tortured. All of these demonstrate that the Islamic Republic has pinpointed Komala activists on purpose and wishes to annihilate them physically. In most instances, after performing the executions, the bodies are buried in unknown places, far away from their families and people.

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