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‘Let’s Argue Only Once We Have a Parliament to Do So’ – HoC Public Forum Highlights Need for a United Kurdish Voice in Iran, January 27, 2016

Mr Abdullah Mohtadi, leader of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, laid out the current political situation, underlining how every part of Kurdistan, a very large region split mainly between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, has its own problems and history.

He pointed out how the significant role played by the Kurds against the rise of the Islamic State has increased the community’s visibility. However, this has not benefitted the Kurds of Iran, not due to lack of action or willingness of their part, but to the country’s isolation, as well as to the presence of salient issues such as the nuclear deal, which made relations with Iran more sensitive for most influential countries.

Mr Mohtadi then outlined how the Iranian Kurds are discriminated on an everyday basis as well as deprived of basic political rights. There is not one Kurdish governor in any of the Kurdish provinces, nor is the Kurdish language taught in schools, despite its protection in the constitution.


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