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I am Peshmergah!

Discrimination in Iran is so deeply embedded, it is hard to see. It has therefore become the norm. The differences between Kurdistan, Iran and the rest of the country are so apparent, it can be easily pointed out. During the Iranian Revolution during the 1970’s, the Kurdish community actively participated and were heavily involved in breaking the cycle of discrimination. Those who were supporters of the revolution and the Islamic Regime movement turned this discrimination into law. Unfortunately, the Kurdish people who were attempting to eliminate inequality, prejudice, and intolerance were caught in the crossfire when the Islamic Regime was put in place. They were soon subjected to this very discrimination, hate and anguish. The Iranian Government followed the same patterns as Hitler and the Holocaust causing a genocide against the Kurdish population. Similarly today, the terrorist group ISIS has taken the same form as post Revolutionary behaviour of the Iranian Government. In order to fight for their rights and freedom, the Kurdish people came together to organize political groups and a defense force called the Peshmergah. A group of Peshmergah soldiers collectively came together to create the oppsition group known as The Komala Party. Peshmergah members of this party defended the Kurdish community from further killings and to maintain their dignity as human beings. The Komala Party Peshmergah members rose against the Islamic Regime which tried to strip the Kurdish community of their justice, peace, freedom and democracy. The starting focus of the party was social justice for all and the separation of religion and state. Especially because the Islamic Government was opposed to women’s freedoms and rights, the Komala Party continued to strive for equality among the sexes. As a result, a great number of women decided to join the party and the fight for their rights. The Komala Party was the first political group in Kurdistan, Iran to have women as members and activists. Even today, The Komala Party is still striving to attain the rights and freedoms of the Kurdish population as the end goal is humanity and justice for all.


Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan


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