Komala attends the conference of the Socialist International

On the first and second of July, 2016, 4 members of the international relations department of Komala attended a conference of the Socialist International at the United Nations in Geneva. The conference was focused upon three main themes, namely ‘Strenghtening the political and humanitarian response to current international crises’, ‘Defending and securing democracy: supporting the struggle for the rights and freedoms where they are under threat’, and ‘The need for an economy that works for all – defeating inequality in the world economy’.

During the conference, Komala spoke to numerous political parties in order to shine light upon the human rights situation within Iran. Komala also handed over a report on the human rights violations in the Kurdish area by the Iranian regime during 2015 and 2016 to various political figures, under which Mr. Papandreou, president of the Socialist International, and Mr. Amr Moussa, former secretary-general of the Arab League and Minister of Foreign Affairs to Egypt.

We are looking forward to our next successful SI meeting in December.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

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