Komala attends a successful labour party conference

On Tuesday 27 September 2016, a delegation of Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan participated in the Labour’s Party Annual Conference, which took place in Liverpool.

The Labour’s Party Annual Conference is being held every autumn in the United Kingdom and it is one of the largest and the most high-profile political events in Europe.

Our international Secretary, Ms. Nahid Bahmani was assisted by Omid Sohrabi, our representative in the UK, and Hushyar Mahmoudi.

During the conference, Komala met with a number of Labour party members of Parliament, international socialist parties, diplomats and international organizations, during which we discussed the current political situation within the Middle East, Iran’s human rights violations and the possibility of a democratic peace process for the Iranian Kurds.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan    (Komala)

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