Komala Party’s Secretary General met Canadian MPs in Ottawa

¬†Following an official invitation by a group of Canadian MPs known as “Parliamentary Friends of Kurds” , Mr Abdullah Mohtadi Secretary General of Komala party presented a speech about Kurdish struggle and human rights violations in Islamic Iran on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at parliament Hill, Ottawa. At the beginning, the chairman of the committee read a short biography about Mr Mohtadi after which he presented his speech in two parts:
1. A short history of how Komala Party was founded, in which he described within more detail the 37 years of Kurdish struggle in Islamic Iran and how the current regime has been at odds with Kurdish democratic and peaceful demands since Iranian revolution in 1979.
2. He brought to the attention of Canadian MPs the continuation of Kurdish suppression, which now lasts close to four decades, by the Islamic regime of Iran. This suppression includes direct shootings and killings of Kurdish border couriers, also known as kolber workers, by border guards, more than 50 Kurdish activists on death row, suppression of women and children, forced cultural assimilation of Kurds and plundering underground resources of Kurdistan.
At the second part he answered of Canadian MPs whom included 3 Canadian major parties ( Conservative party, Liberal Party and NDP) that included Kurdish position in Iran, military assistance of Kurds in their fights against IS by Canadian government , possible reopening of Iranian Embassey in Ottawa, and more other related issues.
Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala)


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