Komala attends the Dutch labor party election congress

On the 14th of January, secretary general Abdullah Mohtadi and other Komala members participated in the election congress of the Dutch labor party. During this congress, several fringe meetings were held which focused upon the importance of democratic values, such as the need for human rights and justice. During one of these fringe meetings, titled ‘Peace and Justice in the 21st century’ Abdullah Mohtadi spoke on behalf of all Kurds in Iran to address the severe human rights violations and injustice by the Iranian regime towards Kurds.These human rights violations and injustice consist, among others, of unequal opportunities, a lack of investment by the regime in the Kurdistan area (which stands in contrast to the Iranian constitution) and heavy discrimination within schools as well as within the labor market.

During the election congress Komala furthermore met and sat done with various other politicians to address the various issues of Kurds in Iran.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

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