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UNPO Side-Event to the 36th Session of the UNHRC: Enforced Disappearances in Iran and the Assault on the Fundamental Rights

Mr Peshko Khosravi, representative of the Komala Party, emphasized the surveillance apparatus put in place against the population and political dissidents. He reported the case of Narmin Karimi, who was captured by security forces at her place in exchange of her hiding brothers – they never heard back from her. Mr Khosravi’s took the opportunity to denounce the increasing militarization of Kurdish cities in Iran, evident with his friend’s case in Sanandaj, who was arrested 30 minutes after his arrival to hospital, while receiving medical assistance. Criticizing the international community’s misconception of the Iranian President Hassan Rohani, assumed to be a moderate, Mr Khosravi clarified that, in fact, human rights violations have increased tremendously under his mandates as he benefits from the lack of international pressure.


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