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About Iran, Mr. Tunne Kelam Member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee

Subject: Demonstrations in Iran
Date: 30 December 2017

Tens of thousands of Iranians are demonstrating in different cities all over Iran against dismal living conditions, against lack of hope for any real improvement, be it economic, social or political. This is a clear indication that people cannot be endlessly misled and intimidated. Iranian youth and women, who are suffering most from absence of perspective for dignified life and work, are among the first to challenge the clerical dictatorship.
The current demonstrations show also a different quality in putting the blame directly on the highest leaders, on the president Rouhani and supreme religious leader Khamenei. It is remarkable that Iranian citizens perceive the connection between Tehran’s continued military expansion in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and their dramatically worsening living standards at home.
Today, it is time to finally draw lessons from the massive demonstrations against the 2009 election fraud, where Western democracies lacked resolve to side with the Iranian people. Today, the hopes that the 2015 nuclear deal and the subsequent ending of sanctions would stimulate Iranian peaceful development and benefit its people, have clearly proved illusionary.
Today, it is time for the EU to face the realities of the Iranian dictatorship that has brought misery to its citizens, continues jailing and hanging them on record scale, is engaged in military expansion all over the Middle East, boosts its ballistic missile program and collaborates closely with the North Korean dictator. Western clinging to desperate belief in “reformed” and “moderate” dictators is nothing less than appeasement.
Taking the side of Iranian people who have suffered for 38 years under one of the cruellest regimes in the world is not just a condescending gesture of humanitarian nature. It is equally about the values and credibility of the EU and its future.

Tunne Kelam
Member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee

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Komala attended the annual congress of social Democratic Party of Germany SPD

 Komala attended the annual congress of social Democratic Party of Germany, the SPD.

During the days of 6 and 9 December the annual congress of the social democratic party of Germany SPD took place in Berlin, Germany. Komala party members actively participated in the congress. Komala members Ms. Nahid Bahmani, International Secretary of Komala, and Keywan Faramarzi had been present, they participated in the international guest meeting of the congress and the debate part of the congress.

The congress was a great success, and rich with subjects as: Elections of the chairman of the SPD, elections of the new board, and the new government in Germany.


Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan.

10 December ’17

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More than 700 activists have made a request to Iraqi government

According to Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan’s December 9th 2017 statement; on November 17, Iraqi government is responsible for the lives of two Kidnapped Iranian Kurdish opposition in Iraq.
International Community
International Human Right Organizations,
According to Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan’s December 9th 2017 statement; on November 17, 2017 two members of this party were on regular trip to Erbil, the capital of KRG, and mistakenly entered an Iraqi check point on Kirkuk’s territory. The check point was under the control of Hashed Al Shabi (MPF), The militias illegally and immediately detained Rashid Afshari and Saad Moazez in an unknown location. As stated in the Komalah’s press release “the detainees were traveling with legal documentation and they had no intention to breach any laws or regulations of the country. Due to many evidences, Mr. Afsahari and Mr. Moazez were kidnapped by MPF thus, unfortunately their destiny is unpredictable and in great danger”. During the last few weeks, Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan has tried all available means and paths, to find the location of its kidnapped members. However, all of the party’s endeavors have failed to lead to the two’s release. Therefore, we the signatory of this petition call on the international community, Iraqi authorities and human rights INGOs/IGOs to put pressure on the Iraqi government to free the aforementioned detainees. Iraq is a signatory member of many international laws, declarations’ and protocols, hence, the Iraqi government should accept its legal responsibilities and release Mr. Moazez and Mr. Afsari.
A copy has been sent out to:
Dr. Fuad Masum President of the Republic of Iraq
Dr. Haider al-Abadi Prime minster the Republic of Iraq
Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari Minster of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Iraq
Mr. Brett H. McGurk American Special Envoy to Iraq
United Nations Commission on Human Rights
1. Abbas Ayagh
2. Abdali Abdula
3. Abdolrahman Khademyani
4. Abdul Kadir Said
5. Abdulla Ahmad
6. Abdulla baqiri
7. Abdullah Hassanpour
9. Abdullah Pezeshkyan
10. Abdullah Salih
11. Abdulrahim Faizollahi
12. Abh Jandarsna
13. Abo Gagel
14. Abobekr mehrebani
15. Abubakr Mariwan
16. Aco Nozari
17. Adel Ali Salam
18. Afshin Moradi
19. Ahmad ahmadi
20. Ahmad Bab
21. Ahmad Bayezidpour
22. Ahmad Hassan
23. Ahmad Moradi
24. Ahmad Mortezai
25. Ahmad Nouri Finland
26. Ahmad Rahmani
27. Ahmad Ranjbar
28. Ahmad Rostami
29. Ajwanberitan Yazdani
30. Akam Rasouli
31. Akhgar Reza
32. Ako Mohammadpour
33. Ala M KonePoşî
34. Ali Ahmadi
35. Ali Aminzadh
36. Ali Amiri
37. Ali Ashnagar
38. Ali Ashraf Moradi
39. Ali Azizi
40. Ali Bozorg Panah
41. Ali Ghanbari
42. Ali Hosseini
43. Ali Mirkhani
44. Ali moradi
45. Ali Mozafari
46. Ali Palani
47. Ali Ranjbari
48. Ali sharifi
49. Ali Shayda
50. Aliasghar Faridi
51. Alireza Ghaderi
52. Allan Allan
53. Amanj Azizkendi
54. Amanj Kurdstani
55. Amanj Qoubadi
56. Amanj Salwati
57. Amanj Salwati
58. Amed Sharifi
59. Amin Nazaryan
60. Amir palani jaf Danmark
61. amir rahmanpur
62. Amir Sanazami
63. Amir Sharifi
64. Amjad Asadzadeh
65. Amjad Hossein Panahi
66. Anwar Azizian
67. Anwar Jafi Anwar Jafi
68. Anwar Karimi
69. Anwar Mohamadi
70. Aram Bahramy
71. Aram Hashemi
72. Aram Mihemmedian
73. Aram Shwany
74. Aram Sna
75. Aras Minwi
76. Arash Jamshidi
77. Arash Zamani
78. Arash Zamani / France
79. Arastu Chraghi
80. Ardalan Moghaddam Ghadimi
81. Aref Naderi
82. Arif Bawecani
83. Arman Saeedi
84. Asaad Azari
85. Asaad Moradi
86. Ashad sharwerani
87. Aso Azizi
88. Aso Biareei
89. Aso Muhamadi
90. Aso Qaderi
91. Aso Shamsi
92. Asos Hardi
93. Asrin Darsid
94. Asso Ahmadian
95. Ata Dabaghi
96. Awara Azizi
97. Avat Sadeghi
98. Awat Taheri
99. Awder Shex Omer
100. Avin Ajin
101. Ayaz siyaweshan
102. Ayub Abdullapur
103. Ayuob Mohebbi
104. Azad Abdollahzadeh
105. Azad Bahin
106. Azad Freeman
107. Azad Huseeinzadeh
108. Azad mahmodiazar
109. Azghar Ibrahimnia
110. Azad mokhtari
111. azad ravand
112. Azad Rostami
113. Azad Sharifi
114. Azad Shawaysi
115. Azad Shexi
116. Azad Zandi
117. Aziz Ahmadi
118. Bab Rahman
119. Babak Az
120. Babak Bajelani
121. Badri Tawhidi
122. Bahar Esmaelpor
123. Bahra Hossein
124. Bahram Teimouri
125. Bakhshoori Ghader
126. Bakhshoori Ghader
127. Bakr Osman
128. Balal Etmadi
129. Balen Salih
130. Banaz S. Msgar
131. Baram Razaei
132. Bawanur Salih
133. Baxtyar pirxzri
134. Bayan Yousifi_ Finland
135. Behnam Naderi
136. Behrami Alan
137. Behrooz Malekshah
138. Behrouz Lotfi
139. Behruz Aminpoor
140. Behruz Ardelan
141. Behzad Azari
142. Behzad Khoshhali
143. Besarani khabat
144. Beyat Eliassi
145. Bijan Qobady
146. Bob Bavek
147. Bromand Nazari
148. Burhan Givara
149. Cathrin Morad
150. Chalak Habibi
151. Chalak Soltanyan
152. Chato Wany
153. Chenar Awla
154. Chia Mohamadi
155. D. Azad Moradian
156. D.Faraidon Rahmani
157. Delshad Amini
158. Dawoud Haidari
159. Diako Morvati
160. Dilba Bocani
161. Diljin Kurdi
162. Dilshad Rahamani
163. Diyako Fattahi
164. Diyar Sadeghi
165. Diyar Sadeghi
166. Dler paivand
167. Dlshad Khezri
168. Dylan Saidi Sweden
169. Ebrahim balouchi
170. Ebrahim balouchi
171. Ebrahim Haidary
172. Ebrahim jahangiri
173. Edris Abdi
174. Edris Abjame
175. Edris Komasi
176. Edris Piri
177. Eghbal Sagehz
178. Ehmed Bazgr
179. Elahi rahman elahi
180. Emin Ebdi
181. Eqbal Moradi
182. Eqbal Seferi
183. Erfan Rehnimoon
184. Esmaeel Ghahramani
185. Esmail Mami
186. Esmail Xodkam
187. Eta Sadaqy
188. Fadhil Yousifi
189. Fadhil Yousifi – Finland
190. Fadhil Yousifi
191. Faraz Panahandeh
192. Fardin Salwati
193. Fareborz Alaee
194. Farhad Azimi
195. Farhad Bahrami
196. Farhad Karimi
197. Farhad Piroti
198. Farhad Rasooli
199. Fariba waisi
200. Farid Danaii
201. Faridoon Arshadi
202. Farshad Doulabi
203. Farshad Gha
204. Farshad Mostofi
205. Faruq Modarsi
206. Farwq Wekili
207. Farzad Arefi
208. Farzad Sharrifi
209. Fakhradin faraji
210. Faxer Xoshnaw
211. Fazil Soltanpanah
212. Fereydoon Rahmani
213. Ferreshteh Saqez
214. Fershid Rojhelati
215. Foad Abdi
216. Foad Agh
217. Foad Bakri
218. Foad faramarzi
219. Foad Gian
220. Foad Karimi
221. Foad Mahmudi
222. fouad Jeferi
223. Fovad Fatehi
224. Gafour Abbasneyad
225. Galawezh Sadq
226. Gelawj Qadrii
227. Ghader Mahmoudpour
228. ghafournejad Australia
229. Golab Irandoust
230. Golala Kamangar
231. Gole Parizadi
232. Habib Abdikani
233. Habib Abdullahi
234. Hadi Azizi Bokani
235. Hadi Mohammadi
236. Hadi Qubadi
237. Hadi Rah
238. Haidar Mahmood
239. Haji Tawani
240. Halgord Mahabad
241. Halmat Tahir Ali
242. Hama Kurdish Sofe
243. Hamdia mohamadi
244. Hamed Barati
245. Hamed Saati
246. Hamed saeidi
247. Hameh Mariwan
248. Hamid Boukani
249. Hamid Ghaffari
250. Hamid Majid Tatki
251. Hamid Mozafari
252. Hamid Saidi ·
253. Hamid Sharifi
254. Hamid Zamani
255. Hammid Bahrami
256. Hanif Mamrahman
257. Hanifa Parsa
258. Hasan Saferi
259. Hasan Salehi
260. Hasan Moradi
261. Hashem Alivaisi
262. Hashem Rezai
263. Hashm Paksrsht
264. Hasibeh Sautschi
265. Hassan Mohammadi
266. Hassan Nazari
267. Hassan Palani
268. Hawar Boluri.
269. Hawre xalandi Germany
270. Hazhar A Fatah
271. Hazhar Mahmodiazar
272. Hazheer Hashemi
273. Hedayet Nesryan
274. Hedi Kamranipoor
275. Heibat nodinan
276. Hèja Mengur
277. Hejar Berenji
278. Helmet Maroufi
279. Helo Remshti
280. Heme Bedaghi
281. Hedayat Qaderi
282. Heme Resh
283. Hemefariq Hassan
284. Hemin Abdulqadir
285. Hemn komala
286. Hemn komala
287. Hemn Mariwan
288. Heresh Majidnia
289. Herish Alizadeh
290. Hersh Bokan
291. Hersh Kamangar
292. Hersh Solaimani
293. Hessam Pahlusai
294. Himan Kurdistany
295. Hirish Palani
296. Hishmat Zarei
297. Hiva Amini
298. Hiwa Amjadi
299. Hiwa Esmaili
300. Hiwa Kakerash
301. Hiwa Salimi
302. Hiwa Soleimani
303. Hiwa Zabihi
304. Hiwa Zakaryaei
305. Hivay Azadi
306. Hogr Mila
307. HOSHANG khosravi
308. Hoshyar Krmashan
309. Hossein Ahmadinia
310. Hossein Heidary
311. Hossein Janei ·
312. Houshang Sna
313. Ibrahim Faraj Amin
314. Idris Abdeh Norway
315. Iraj Mohammadi : Danmark
316. Jahangir Moh Mostafa
317. Jahanbakhsh Khaledi
318. Jahani Hame
319. Jahanshah Rashidian
320. Jalal Alimoradi
321. Jalal Hanisi
322. Jalal Mehmoudy
323. Jalal Salehzadeh
324. Jalil Abbasi
325. Jalil aliour
326. Jalil Jalil Azadikhah
327. Jalil R Bewyani
328. Jamal Awihang
329. Jamal Mahzouni
330. Jamal Najari
331. Jamal Nishtiman
332. Jamiil Ahmadi
333. Jamil Kolahi ·
334. Jamile Anweri
335. Jamill Khvanchezar
336. Jamshid Shirzad
337. Jani Diydar, Political and civil activist
338. Javad Zareai
339. Jemal Mirzadeh
340. Kajal ILkhanizadeh
341. Kaled Abbasi
342. Kamal Alidoust
343. Kamal bokani
344. Kamal Hawrami
345. Kamal Khezri
346. Kameran mirwaysi
347. Kameran Muhamad
348. Kamil Karimi
349. Kamil Nuranifard
350. Karim Farkhapur
351. Karim Mohammadi
352. Karim siseri
353. Karim Solaimani
354. Karimi Azad
355. Karwan Liverpool
356. Karwan Mahabadi
357. Karwan Mohammed
358. Karwan Mostafai .
359. Kauomars Rostami
360. Kawa Amini
361. Kawa Fotouhi
362. Kavûs Ezîzî
363. Keivan Ahmadpour
364. Keivan Mahmoudi
365. Kemal Mirzadeh
366. Keyvan Zareyi
367. KezhAl KezhAl
368. Kha Led
369. Khabat Korayshi
370. Khabat Mohammadi
371. Khadijeh Golnami
372. Khadijeh hassanpour
373. Khaled Jihani
374. Khaled Lotfollahi ·
375. Khaled Mouloud ·
376. Khalid Majidi
377. Khalid Mohamadzade
378. Khalil Abdullahizad
379. Khalil Fattahi
380. Khalil Palani
381. Khalil Sherwani
382. Khawar Ahmedi
383. Khebat Reswli
384. Khlil Abdullah Pour
385. Khosrow Barraghi
386. Kiumarce Nikraftar
387. Kiumars Sohili Far
388. Kivan Pishben
389. Kobra Arbaba
390. Komar Resh
391. Koresh Khateri
392. Kosar Fetahi
393. Lei La
394. Leyli Hassanpour, Norway
395. Limo Bayezidzade
396. Loghman Khorai
397. Loghman Khorami
398. Loqman Faroghi
399. Lukman Aliassi
400. Mahvash Golparian
401. Mahya Sangab
402. Majed Abdullazade Saqqezi
403. Majid Aliassi
404. Malarebaz Baban
405. Malek Cheragi
406. Malik Walimanish
407. Mame Heidary
408. Mami Aslani
409. Mamo Lotfulapor
410. Mamosta Mahmood
411. Manochaher Azizi, Danmark
412. Mansoor Rawnd
413. Mansour Rahimi
414. Mansour Saidi
415. Marcos Boluri.
416. Mardin Bewiani
417. Mardin Kurdi
418. Mariwan Irandost
419. Masoud Ararat
420. Masoud farighi
421. Masoud fathi
422. Masoud Naseri
423. Masoud Samadi, Australia
424. Massoud Minui
425. Masuod Dastgozide
426. Mehdi Ghodoosi
427. Mehri Rezai
428. Mensur Irandust
429. Meriem soltani
430. Mestafa Farshadfar
431. Milan Pezeshkyan
432. Mnira Hasan
433. Mobarez Azizii
434. Moh Aso Shallmana
435. Mohamad Begzada
436. Mohamad Khademyani
437. Mohamad mehrebani
438. Mohamadi Hassan
439. Mohammad Ajikend Alizadeh
440. Mohammad Aslani Australia
441. Mohammad Faqeali
442. Mohammad Ghadiri
443. Mohammad Mesry
444. Mohammad Mohtadi
445. Mohammad Mokouryani
446. Mohammad Qawami
447. Mohammad Qorany
448. Mohammad Shahsavari
449. Mohammed Aslani
450. Mohammed Raasti
451. Mohammed Hamidi
452. Mohsen Gulmohammadi
453. Mohsen Hosseini
454. Mohsen Mohamadi
455. Mokhtar Najari
456. Moloudi Esmail
457. Morteza Parvizi
458. Mosleh Rebwar
459. Mostafa Zafar
460. Mostefa Qebaxkendi
461. Moutasam Najmadin
462. Mozafar Meteran ·
463. Muhsin Subhanî
464. Mukhtar Hooshmand
465. Mukhtar Palani
466. Mustafa Qabakhkandi
467. Mustafa Zahidi
468. Nabi Fatahi Peshew Meriwani
469. Nadia mohamdzade
470. Najm Shnoue
471. Najme Golparvar
472. Najmoddin Mahmoudi
473. Naser Alavi
474. Naser Ashrafi
475. Naser Belberi
476. Naser Birzoi Mariwan
477. Naser Chewroka
478. Naser poursajed
479. Naser Zamani
480. Nashwan Palani
481. Nasrin Amiri
482. Nasrin Elkhanizadeh
483. Nasrin karimy
484. Nasser Rasti
485. Nasser Subhani
486. Nasser Taha
487. navid alahsaini,schwaizer
488. Nawid Khzry
489. Nawid Mohammadi
490. Nawxass Nazar
491. Nawxass Nazari human rights activist..
492. Newgol moradi
493. Nuri Palani
494. Omar Darwesh
495. Omar marofi
496. Omed Qader
497. Omid Abdullahi
498. Omid Mohamadi
499. Omid Ourami Nezhad
500. Omid Taheri
501. Osman Irandost
502. osman mahmoudi
503. Osman Palani
504. Osman Qobadipor
505. Pari Kamangar
506. Parviz Rashidi
507. Parviz Vatandoost
508. Peyman Ahmadi
509. Peyman Mêhdîzade
510. Pezhman Kamyaran
511. Pezhman Pasyan
512. Pshtiwan Latif
513. Qader Faraji
514. Qader Mohamad Gol
515. Qadir Elyasi
516. Qanea Hasanpor
517. Questan Mohammed
518. Rachel Boocock
519. Rahim Amin Zada
520. Rahim-fatmeh Mohammadi
521. Rahman Elahi
522. Rahman Moradi
523. Rahmat Fatehi
524. Ramin Ramazani
525. Ranj Xosrawi
526. Raouf Afsaee
527. Rashid Alizadeh
528. Rauf Begard
529. Ravand Husseinpour
530. Rebaz karimi
531. Rebouar Darsairan
532. rebwar hawramy
533. Reeof Afsaei
534. Reshad Mustafa-Soltani
535. Reza Amini/danmark
536. Reza Danesh
537. Reza Kamangar
538. Reza Menbari
539. Reza Qebakendi Amini
540. Rezgar haddad
541. Rojin Dolbar
542. Rojin Mohamadzadeh
543. Rostem cehangîrî
544. Rozhin birzoi
545. rudi chalaki
546. Runak Fathi
547. Rzgar A Ahmed
548. Rzgar Ghaderi
549. rzgar mstafa
550. Rzgar Solaimani
551. Sabah Amini
552. Sabah Saeid
553. Saber Lotfi
554. Saber Rahimi
555. Sabir Rahmanpur
556. Sadi Abdi
557. Sadi Nasimi
558. Saeed Golshan
559. Saeid Gashki Kamyaran
560. Saeid Veisi
561. Saeid xelili
562. Safa Hwani
563. Safaa Aldden Gaznai
564. Sahd Qadri
565. Sahed Bayze
566. Said Agai
567. Said Xdr Mirsaydi
568. Saied Arad
569. saif sadaghi
570. Saiid Hamabaigi
571. Sairan Ahmadi
572. Sairan Marivan
573. Saiwan Aso Bha
574. Salah Azizi
575. Salah Bayaziddi
576. Salah Kafashi
577. Salah Keykhosravi
578. Salah Marabi
579. Salah mohammadian
580. Salah Poursadeghi
581. Salam Esmailpoor
582. Salam Kurdee
583. Salar Pashai
584. Saleh Sardari
585. Saman Hosseini
586. Sara moradi
587. Sardar Abdullah Hama
588. sardar ahmad bayezid pour
589. Sardar Kawa
590. Sargol Mirzaei
591. Sarkawt Abdullazada
592. Sarkawt M. Muhamad
593. Saro Qadir
594. satar mohammadi
595. Sati Mosleh
596. Sattar Veisi
597. Sawlawa Hiwa
598. Saywan Naseri
599. Sdiq Karimi
600. Sebah Nikxa
601. Sedig Jahani
602. Sedigh mohamadi,Seweden
603. Seif Khodayari
604. Selah Koneposhi
605. Serdar Ghaderi
606. Seyyed Jamal
607. Shahab Rashidi
608. Shahla Dabaghi
609. Shahla Heidari
610. Shaho Hama Ali
611. SHaho Huseini
612. Shaho Karimi
613. Shahram Hatami
614. Shahram Mostawfy
615. Shahram Vahdani
616. Shahrokh Arjangi
617. Shahrokh Moradi
618. Shaida Taha
619. Shamse Hakimi
620. Shanaz Saqqez
621. Sharif Snah
622. Shawbo Mohtadi, sweden
623. Shaxewan Azizi
624. Shepoli Zeribar
625. Sheri Masoumi
626. Sherko A Sharif
627. Sherko Mahmodiazar
628. Shikofeh Ghobadi, Sweden
629. Shine Mehrebani
630. Shirin Bayab
631. Shirin Pirkizri
632. Shno Mehrebani
633. Shoresh Mamkhezri
634. Shoresh Moradi
635. Shoresh Saqqez
636. Shwane rehmani
637. Sia Yousfi
638. Siamak Shooaie
639. Siawesh Qadri
640. Sirus Zafari
641. Sirwan Ahmadi
642. Sirwan H Panahi
643. Sirvan Ghaderi
644. Sirvan Kamangar
645. Sirwan Karimi
646. Sîrwan Sine
647. siyamand hamzehazar
648. Smko Banafshi
649. Soheila Rohani
650. Solayman modarsi
651. soleiman moradian uk
652. Soleyman Bayazidi
653. Soleyman Kashani
654. Soltan Afshari
655. Soltan xosredwi
656. Soran Azerbar
657. Soran Palani
658. Soran Rashidi
659. Soran Rashidi
660. Soran Shaksi
661. Soran Waisy
662. Star Awehang
663. Suliman Palani
664. Sultan Gulawi Schamati
665. Sunor Abdollahipoor
666. Sya Mahabad
667. Taha Jabbar
668. Taha Suliman
669. Taher Esa
670. Taher Qarani
671. Taher Panaheidh
672. Tahir Mahmodi
673. Tahmineh Javanmard
674. Tahsin Eizadi
675. talb ghaysari
676. Taleb asadi
677. Taleb Yosefi
678. Toba Aliassi
679. Towfigh faraji
680. Twana Ghaderi
681. Umêd Daner
682. Weli Resuli
683. Weli Resuli
684. Wrya salehzade
685. Xalat Rawf Xalat
686. Xalid Qaytule
687. Xdr Alyar
688. Yadi Azizi
689. Yahya Ahmadi
690. Yahya awehang
691. Yahya Davandari
692. Yahia Mohamadi
693. Yazdan Marabi
694. Yosef maleki
695. Younes Golshanzadeh·
696. Yousef Khalil
697. Zagros Khosravi
698. Zagros Naseri ·
699. Zeinab Elkhani
700. Zewar Xasro Agha
701. Zhobin Mardokhy

December 10, 2017 Comments are off admin

Komala and UNPO jointly paid a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels and to discuss the urgent human rights issues in Iran.

Komala and UNPO jointly paid a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels and to discuss the urgent human rights issues in Iran.

On the 22nd of November, Komala and UNPO jointly paid a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels and to discuss the urgent human rights issues in Iran. Meetings were held with members or assistant of members of the Iranian delegation, the Human Rights Subcommittee and Foreign Affairs. We met with MEP Jytte Guteland, Zsuzsanna Ferency, Franseco Agnello and Damiano Zoffoli to discuss how the earthquake affected the region and under what severe conditions victims of the earthquake have to live. Furthermore, it was discussed that there is an urgent need for action, as victims are freezing to death because of the cold and foreign access to supply aid such as food, water and medicines are being denied by the Iranian government. Furthermore, the case of Ramin and his immanent death sentence was discussed to inform them about the case and request for their assistance and the overall human rights violations against minorities in Iran.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

Bureau of International Relations,

November 25, 2017 Comments are off admin

In the earthquake area, the Iranian government decided to call back Artesh and to replace them with Sepah,

On Sunday 21 November at 21:48 a tremendous earthquake took place 30 kilometers northwest of Sar-e-Pul Zahab and 32 kilometers southwest of Halabja, felt by about 150 million people. Approximately more than  2000 people found death as a result. The exact amount of casualties is still unknown however, since many still have to be removed from the rubble.

Right befor the earthquake took place, ambulances with medical assistance were send to Karbala, a Shiite city in Iraq, instead of helping out Iranian Kurdish civilians. Therefore, there were no medical facilities for the victims in Iran. The villages that were destroyed because of the earthquake were meant for low income employees and it were these people, the poorest amongst the populations, that were therefore struck the hardest.

One day after the earthquake, clothing, food and other aid was provided in the Kurdistan area. The next day however, the government decided to control the popular highways to stop the aid cars from handing over aid to the victims. The government furthermore even prevents foreign aid. Doctors Without Borders has repeatedly requested the Iranian government to let them in from the Iraqi border, but the government won’t allow them to. Even journalists are denied access into the area.

Self-made tents are severely damaged by the rain and several have collapsed. The past week, people have even frozen to death as a result of the cold and rain. Therefore, it is extremely important to take immediate action, as survivors of the earthquake are getting more and more ill. The social media show a very bad situation in the area. Right after the earth quake Artesh, the army of the Iranian government, helped to search for survivors of the earthquake under the rubble. Recently however, the Iranian government decided to call back Artesh and to replace them with Sepah, which resulted in military control of the area without any assistance in the search for victims or survivors of the earthquake.

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UNPO Side-Event to the 36th Session of the UNHRC: Enforced Disappearances in Iran and the Assault on the Fundamental Rights

Mr Peshko Khosravi, representative of the Komala Party, emphasized the surveillance apparatus put in place against the population and political dissidents. He reported the case of Narmin Karimi, who was captured by security forces at her place in exchange of her hiding brothers – they never heard back from her. Mr Khosravi’s took the opportunity to denounce the increasing militarization of Kurdish cities in Iran, evident with his friend’s case in Sanandaj, who was arrested 30 minutes after his arrival to hospital, while receiving medical assistance. Criticizing the international community’s misconception of the Iranian President Hassan Rohani, assumed to be a moderate, Mr Khosravi clarified that, in fact, human rights violations have increased tremendously under his mandates as he benefits from the lack of international pressure.


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Enforced Disappearances in Iran and the Assault on Fundamental Rights

Enforced Disappearances in Iran and the Assault on Fundamental Rights:

On Wednesday September 20, Komala’s representative Peshko Khosravi participated in a meeting in Geneva organized by the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty (NPRTT) in cooperation with the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO).
Khosravi says that he wanted to “unmask the numbers and statistics behind the Iranian regimes systematic use of enforced disappearances as a weapon of mass destruction against political dissidents and their families” by introducing the audience to the local stories and fates of some of his own family members and their neighbors who were subjected to enforced disappearances, torture, forced displacements and executions. “The logic in abducting innocent teenage girls or displacing and impoverishing old people was simple”, Khosravi stressed, “it was solely to punish my father and his two brothers for their political activism that they abducted their younger sisters and inflicted unspeakable horrors upon them while forcibly displacing their old parents far away from their home to a camp in the other end of Iran.”
Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan

Side event on enforced disappearances

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Komala attended the annual congress of social Democratic Party of Denmark

Komala attended the annual congress of social Democratic Party of Denmark.

During the days of 16 and 17 of September annual congress of social democratic party of Denmark have been hold in Aalborg city of Denmark which Komala party members actively have attended the congress.

After the congress opened formally and programs went as planned, Komala members Marike Bakker and Awat Quraishi by expressing some questions about issues of Kurds and explaining how the negative roles of Islamic republic of Iran is making the issue worse, participated the international guests meeting of the congress International guests meeting and the debate part of the congress including ambassadors of different countries and political parties delegations and also former energy minister of Denmark and international spokesman of social democratic party of Denmark, in an international atmosphere toke place.
Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Ongoing protests in the Kurdistan region against the killing of two more kolber workers.

Over the past few days, several demonstrations took place in the Kurdistan area of Iran, leading to several injured and detained by the Iranian regime. Demonstrations started on September 4, 2017 after two kolber workers, Kader Bahrami (41) and Haider Faraji (21), were killed near the Iraqi-Iranian border for smuggling small goods.
On September 5, residents of Baneh demonstrated against the killing of Kader and Haider and Iran’s human rights violations by closing down their shops and taking the streets. Iran’s regime however forced them to stop these protests after which residents of Sanandaj decided to take the streets and close down their shops as well and on September 7 to show their support. Government forces responded by using tear gas to disperse these protest and by arresting dozens of Kurds. Currently, demonstrations are ongoing in the Kurdish provinces.
Iran has seen many changes over the past few years, many of which were welcomed by Iranians as well as international powers, assuming that the nuclear deal and the appointment of president Rohani would result in important political changes within Iran. One of these assumptions was that Iran would become more open and tolerant, which in the longer run would result in a decrease in human rights abuses.
Unfortunately, 5 years after the appointment of president Rohani and 3 year after the nuclear deal, it is fair to state that human rights abuses in Iran have increased significantly. While many of you might know this, only few are aware of the extreme extend of these human rights abuses by the Iranian regime within the Kurdistan area, the North-Western part of Iran.
Every week, several unarmed Kurdish kolber workers and their horses are killed by Iranian soldiers for smuggling small goods at the Iranian border crossing near neighboring Iraqi and Turkish Kurdish regions, leading to over a hundred deaths a year. Many of those that are not directly killed are left to bleed to death or are denied medical access after being detained. In some cases, families even have to pay for the bullets that killed their family member or family members are left with no other option then to pay ransom in order to receive the body of their loved one back.
Although kolber workers, which stands for ‘back delivery’, are well aware of the dangers they face, the Iranian regime leaves them with no other option then to smuggle small goods. This is the direct result of the discriminatory economic policies imposed on the Kurdistan areas of Iran. The Kurdish population has relied on agriculture as a source of revenue, which has been affected detrimentally by government policies of laying land mines in agricultural fields and closing borders and land vital for the relocation of livestock for agricultural production in the region.
Furthermore, the Kurdish region is economically underfunded and exploited by the central government. They receive a very small budget from the central government, which has resulted in the highest unemployment and suicide rate of Iran within this area.
The central government sees no interest in investing in the Kurdish area, leaving the Kurds in Iran economically deprived.
This is in direct contradiction to the Iranian constitution’s Article 48, which states that ‘there must be no discrimination among the various provinces with regard to the exploitation of natural resources, utilization of public revenues, and distribution of economic activities among the various provinces and regions of the country, thereby ensuring that every region has access to the necessary capital and facilities in accordance with its needs and capacity for growth’.
The institutionalized violence by the Iranian regime towards the Kurdish minority in Iran, which consists of 13 million Kurds, continues on a daily basis. To end this violence, we need the help of the international community to put an end to the human rights abuses towards these kolber workers and to abide by Article 48 of the Iranian Constitution.
Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan