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Komala member shot and detained by Iran – denied medical access

On June 23, one of our members, Ramin Hossein Panahi, was shot by Iranian soldiers in Sanandaj, Iran, after which he was arrested. He has been held captive since. After his arrest, family members of Ramin were imprisoned in Sanandaj prison. They have been released, but his family members are denied visitation rights and are even denied to leave their house. They also won’t receive any information regarding the medical status of Ramin or where he is being held captive.

Ramin was supposed to meet with Iranians to inform them about human rights issues but was shot and arrested and then transported to Tehran, the capital city. We, Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, fear for his life. Iran often denies medical access to prisoners and does not abide by international standards. Therefore, we kindly request the international community to help us to pressure the Iranian government to inform his family of his whereabouts, grant him his right to a lawyer, and to abide by international standards regarding prisoners. Ramin is severely injured and in need of medical care immediately.

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Komala will hold it’s 15th congress on May 11th

On May 11th, Komala will organize it’s 15th congress in Kurdistan. The Kurdistan territory is enduring a state of full change in Iraq, Syria and Turkey, but in the past 5 decades, Kurdish Iranians have not witnessed any direct changes. As Iran is dealing with internal issues, Kurds will however play a pivotal role with regards to establishing democracy in Iran. Not only does a large portion of Iranians no longer believe in the Islamic Revolution, due to severe violations of human rights and disproportionate punishments, Iran’s economy is also on the break op collapse. The Spah, Iran’s military power, has caused an economic crisis due to corruption and fraud.

Since Iran’s internal problems make it all the more important to prepare society for change, our 15th congress will discuss our role in supporting the establishment of a democratic and solidary Iranian society within a panel discussion.

Furthermore, our congress will focus on, but will not be limited to:

– Democracy in the Middle East
– Our fight against terrorism
– Supporting women’s rights
– Human rights violations against Iranian Kurds
– establishing a unitary Kurdish platform
– The appointment of our new board.

Due to safety concerns we will not be able to host international guests. We hope that in the future we will be able to host a congress to which we can safely invite all our friends. For now, we would very much appreciate it if our sister parties and friends would enrich our congress by sending a message in which you express your solidarity and support to us as well as to all Iranian Kurds. You can send your message of support/solidarity to k.faramarzi@komala.org.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Komala became a member of the Progressive Alliance during the Berlin Convention on 12-13 March

On the 12th and 13th of March, Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan met with other Progressive Alliance members in Berlin during the Convention ‘Shaping our Future – For a World of Freedom, Justice & Solidarity’. During this Convention, the Progressive Alliance jointly elected the board for the upcoming two years, a coordinator was chosen and the guiding principles of the Progressive Alliance were adopted.

Furthermore, discussions were held on how to fight new authoritarianism, right-wing populist movements, how to deal with fake news, the challenges for peace and global cooperation and issues with regards to social justice and sustainability. Komala also sat down with several political parties to discuss the Kurdish issues and human rights abuses in Iran.

As Komala we are proud to be part of the Progressive Alliance, an alliance that works jointly on pivotal issues such as democracy, inclusiveness, freedom, social justice and human rights.

Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Komala attends the Dutch labor party election congress

On the 14th of January, secretary general Abdullah Mohtadi and other Komala members participated in the election congress of the Dutch labor party. During this congress, several fringe meetings were held which focused upon the importance of democratic values, such as the need for human rights and justice. During one of these fringe meetings, titled ‘Peace and Justice in the 21st century’ Abdullah Mohtadi spoke on behalf of all Kurds in Iran to address the severe human rights violations and injustice by the Iranian regime towards Kurds.These human rights violations and injustice consist, among others, of unequal opportunities, a lack of investment by the regime in the Kurdistan area (which stands in contrast to the Iranian constitution) and heavy discrimination within schools as well as within the labor market.

During the election congress Komala furthermore met and sat done with various other politicians to address the various issues of Kurds in Iran.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Komalay Jinani Rojhelat & UNPO organized a conference regarding the important role of women in the Middle East

On 19 November 2016, Rojhalat Women’s Organization of Komala & UNPO organized a full-day conference in Rotterdam(Link), the Netherlands, which brought together a wide range of women’s rights advocates from many different countries. The speeches and subsequent discussions between the panelists and the audience focussed on concrete activities, in the past and the future, to increase women’s access to social, political and economical means.

Speakers from Rojhalat & UNPO gave their views on “the role of women in the Middle East: how to obtain more rights for women and build up a better democracy”.

Moira Holden and Iris Schelfhout, UNPO representatives, opened the conference by highlighting the valuable role women have already played and could play further. Sharing from her own experiences Ms Schelfhout noted that women are essential in helping to solve disputes without violence because women’s strategies for conflictresolution are often based on building a coalition formed through mutual respect devoid of direct confrontation.

Financial expert and author Claire Phillipeau shared her holistic vision on how to increase the rights of women. Financial inclusion is one of the millennium development goals and access to financial services can serve as a bridge out of poverty. Together with a team, Ms Phillipeau developed several payment apps for the emerging markets. She continued her contribution to the conference with philosophical and practical means on how to combat global issues like inequality, overpopulation, climate change and reproductive rights for women. Family planning and governance of women over their own body is also an essential part of the empowerment of women, which should not be hampered by religious dogma.

Ira Stam, from Passage, a Christian Social Women’s Movement with over 15-thousand members, outlined several international projects in which the group had been involved and which serve as succesful case studies. A project in India to support women in rural areas resulted in women being helped to set up their own businesses by making home-made products and selling them commercially. Their community saw reduced rates of domestic violence and alcoholism because the women opened up their own stores and refused to sell alcohol. Another project in Jordan, based on the principle of training the trainer, saw women learn to lobby on the inequality of wages of women compared to men and on the heritage rights which see women lose their rights to their brothers. ‘Women now have more self awareness and feel stronger to fight for changes,’ said Ms. Stam.

Nahid Bahamani told the audience that women have always suffered from barriers in aspects of politics, social issues and the economy. ‘They need to have a voice,’ she said. ‘We are working towards hopefully minimizing this discrimination.’

Dr Asaad Rashidi added that women’s rights have been ignored and he called for more women to be supported in their bid to become more involved in politics and to take on more leadership roles.

Esmat Sophie highlighted the role of women in history, showing how women had been dominant figures in some civilizations, such as Cyprus, Egypt and China, yet their achievements had largely been airbrushed and forgotten. It is up to us to raise awareness of these important historical contributions that women have made and use it as an inspiration for women today.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Iranian Kurdish leaders discuss the future of Kurds in Iran at a MERI conference

On October 25th, the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) organized a conference for Iranian Kurdish leaders. Komala’s secretary general, Abdullah Mohtadi, once again urged all Kurdish opposition to start a platform so as to be able to negotiate with the Iranian regime jointly, in the event this possibility arises. Abdullah Mohtadi stressed that as opposition, all parties have a lot of common interests, such as the acknowledgement of Kurdish political parties within Iran, the acknowledgement of the Kurdish language and the holding of free and fair elections according to International standards, among others. By setting up such a platform an opportunity is created to jointly issue Kurdish requests internationally. Furthermore, Abdullah Mohtadi urged the need to start a congress for Iranian Kurds to assemble Kurds and to act as a representative of the Kurds in Iran in which not only political parties and politicians but also citizens can take part
Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala)

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Komala attends successful conference of the Progressive Alliance

From 17-19 October, Komala attended a succesful conference of the Progressive Alliance. Ms.Diana Mohtadi represented Komala during the conference. During the first day of the conference, Ms Mohtadi explained the situation of Kurds and human rights violations by the Iranian regime to other participants, which were very interested to hear something on this issue. Later in the afternoon, the PA hosted two parallel panel discussions, including one concerned with the Middle East, in which the Kurdish panel voiced two speeches.

Besides attending the conference, Ms. Nahid Bahmani, Internationaal Secretary of Komala, Keywan Faramarzi, coordinator, and Diana Bahmani, representative of Komala’s youth organization, spoke to multiple participants and parliament members on the situation of the Kurds, Iran and human rights violations, during which they handed over a human rights report on Kurdistan Iran.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan


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Mr. Abdullah Mohtadi the secretary general of komala party of Iranian Kurdistan guest speaker at MERI’s seminar on ‘The future for Kurdistan. Opportunities and barriers.’

On Monday October 17th, 2016, the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) organized a special seminar on the future for Kurdistan in Erbil in which Komala’s secretary general, Abduallah Mohtadi, was a guest speaker.

Within his speech, Abdullah Mohtadi explained that Kurds play a pivotal role for change within the region. Kurdish freedom movements within Iranian kurdistan form a common platform in overcoming these obstacles for freedom, especially in achieving basic human rights. He continued by suggesting that it is of particular importance for the Kurdish movement that all Kurdish parties cooperate and coordinate accordingly. One way to do this is to form a Kurdish platform in which political parties come together to discuss important issues and to cooperate on achieving these issues. Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistn is ready to set up such a platform and welcomes all other Kurdish political parties to join us, bilaterally of multilaterally.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Komala Party’s Secretary General met Canadian MPs in Ottawa

 Following an official invitation by a group of Canadian MPs known as “Parliamentary Friends of Kurds” , Mr Abdullah Mohtadi Secretary General of Komala party presented a speech about Kurdish struggle and human rights violations in Islamic Iran on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at parliament Hill, Ottawa. At the beginning, the chairman of the committee read a short biography about Mr Mohtadi after which he presented his speech in two parts:
1. A short history of how Komala Party was founded, in which he described within more detail the 37 years of Kurdish struggle in Islamic Iran and how the current regime has been at odds with Kurdish democratic and peaceful demands since Iranian revolution in 1979.
2. He brought to the attention of Canadian MPs the continuation of Kurdish suppression, which now lasts close to four decades, by the Islamic regime of Iran. This suppression includes direct shootings and killings of Kurdish border couriers, also known as kolber workers, by border guards, more than 50 Kurdish activists on death row, suppression of women and children, forced cultural assimilation of Kurds and plundering underground resources of Kurdistan.
At the second part he answered of Canadian MPs whom included 3 Canadian major parties ( Conservative party, Liberal Party and NDP) that included Kurdish position in Iran, military assistance of Kurds in their fights against IS by Canadian government , possible reopening of Iranian Embassey in Ottawa, and more other related issues.
Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala)


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Komala attends a successful labour party conference

On Tuesday 27 September 2016, a delegation of Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan participated in the Labour’s Party Annual Conference, which took place in Liverpool.

The Labour’s Party Annual Conference is being held every autumn in the United Kingdom and it is one of the largest and the most high-profile political events in Europe.

Our international Secretary, Ms. Nahid Bahmani was assisted by Omid Sohrabi, our representative in the UK, and Hushyar Mahmoudi.

During the conference, Komala met with a number of Labour party members of Parliament, international socialist parties, diplomats and international organizations, during which we discussed the current political situation within the Middle East, Iran’s human rights violations and the possibility of a democratic peace process for the Iranian Kurds.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan    (Komala)