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Iranian Kurdish leaders discuss the future of Kurds in Iran at a MERI conference

On October 25th, the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) organized a conference for Iranian Kurdish leaders. Komala’s secretary general, Abdullah Mohtadi, once again urged all Kurdish opposition to start a platform so as to be able to negotiate with the Iranian regime jointly, in the event this possibility arises. Abdullah Mohtadi stressed that as opposition, all parties have a lot of common interests, such as the acknowledgement of Kurdish political parties within Iran, the acknowledgement of the Kurdish language and the holding of free and fair elections according to International standards, among others. By setting up such a platform an opportunity is created to jointly issue Kurdish requests internationally. Furthermore, Abdullah Mohtadi urged the need to start a congress for Iranian Kurds to assemble Kurds and to act as a representative of the Kurds in Iran in which not only political parties and politicians but also citizens can take part
Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala)

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Komala attends successful conference of the Progressive Alliance

From 17-19 October, Komala attended a succesful conference of the Progressive Alliance. Ms.Diana Mohtadi represented Komala during the conference. During the first day of the conference, Ms Mohtadi explained the situation of Kurds and human rights violations by the Iranian regime to other participants, which were very interested to hear something on this issue. Later in the afternoon, the PA hosted two parallel panel discussions, including one concerned with the Middle East, in which the Kurdish panel voiced two speeches.

Besides attending the conference, Ms. Nahid Bahmani, Internationaal Secretary of Komala, Keywan Faramarzi, coordinator, and Diana Bahmani, representative of Komala’s youth organization, spoke to multiple participants and parliament members on the situation of the Kurds, Iran and human rights violations, during which they handed over a human rights report on Kurdistan Iran.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan


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Mr. Abdullah Mohtadi the secretary general of komala party of Iranian Kurdistan guest speaker at MERI’s seminar on ‘The future for Kurdistan. Opportunities and barriers.’

On Monday October 17th, 2016, the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) organized a special seminar on the future for Kurdistan in Erbil in which Komala’s secretary general, Abduallah Mohtadi, was a guest speaker.

Within his speech, Abdullah Mohtadi explained that Kurds play a pivotal role for change within the region. Kurdish freedom movements within Iranian kurdistan form a common platform in overcoming these obstacles for freedom, especially in achieving basic human rights. He continued by suggesting that it is of particular importance for the Kurdish movement that all Kurdish parties cooperate and coordinate accordingly. One way to do this is to form a Kurdish platform in which political parties come together to discuss important issues and to cooperate on achieving these issues. Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistn is ready to set up such a platform and welcomes all other Kurdish political parties to join us, bilaterally of multilaterally.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Komala Party’s Secretary General met Canadian MPs in Ottawa

 Following an official invitation by a group of Canadian MPs known as “Parliamentary Friends of Kurds” , Mr Abdullah Mohtadi Secretary General of Komala party presented a speech about Kurdish struggle and human rights violations in Islamic Iran on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at parliament Hill, Ottawa. At the beginning, the chairman of the committee read a short biography about Mr Mohtadi after which he presented his speech in two parts:
1. A short history of how Komala Party was founded, in which he described within more detail the 37 years of Kurdish struggle in Islamic Iran and how the current regime has been at odds with Kurdish democratic and peaceful demands since Iranian revolution in 1979.
2. He brought to the attention of Canadian MPs the continuation of Kurdish suppression, which now lasts close to four decades, by the Islamic regime of Iran. This suppression includes direct shootings and killings of Kurdish border couriers, also known as kolber workers, by border guards, more than 50 Kurdish activists on death row, suppression of women and children, forced cultural assimilation of Kurds and plundering underground resources of Kurdistan.
At the second part he answered of Canadian MPs whom included 3 Canadian major parties ( Conservative party, Liberal Party and NDP) that included Kurdish position in Iran, military assistance of Kurds in their fights against IS by Canadian government , possible reopening of Iranian Embassey in Ottawa, and more other related issues.
Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala)


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Komala attends a successful labour party conference

On Tuesday 27 September 2016, a delegation of Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan participated in the Labour’s Party Annual Conference, which took place in Liverpool.

The Labour’s Party Annual Conference is being held every autumn in the United Kingdom and it is one of the largest and the most high-profile political events in Europe.

Our international Secretary, Ms. Nahid Bahmani was assisted by Omid Sohrabi, our representative in the UK, and Hushyar Mahmoudi.

During the conference, Komala met with a number of Labour party members of Parliament, international socialist parties, diplomats and international organizations, during which we discussed the current political situation within the Middle East, Iran’s human rights violations and the possibility of a democratic peace process for the Iranian Kurds.

Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan    (Komala)

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Mr. Mohtadi visits the France consultate in Arbil to speak on the increased human right violations in Iran

On Saturday, September 23th, 2016, our secretary general, Abdullah Mohtadi, joined by Azam ghobadipor and Saman Risha Saheb of Komala met with the delegation of the French consulate in Arbil. Mr Mohtadi congratulated Dominique Mas with the new consulate on behalf of Komala and during the meeting both articulated their analyses of the Middle East and future changes within the region. Furthermore, Mr. Mohtadi has also explained the increase in human rights violations in Iran under Rohani. france-consulateKomala party of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala)

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Komala has successful meeting with Russian consulate in Arbil

On Saterday, September 11th, our international secretary of Komala, Ms. Bahmani, together with Mr. Qobadi and Mr. Rishasaheb of Komala, met up with Mr. Simakvo and Mr. Arzhanatsev of the Consulate of the Russian Federation. During their meeting in Arbil in Arbil, Kurdistan, they discussed the situation of Iran Kurdistan and Kurdistan in general and exchanged information regarding related topics. The Russian Federation and Komala have agreed to work more intensively in the future and seek for opportunities for cooperation.

komala party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Abdullah Mohtadi participates in a seminar organized by the Institute for Research and Development Kurdistan (IRDK)

On Sunday september 4th, 2016, Abdullah Mohtadi participated in a political seminar organized by the institute for Research and development Kurdistan (IRDK) in Arbil. 
Abdullah Mohtadi started off with the current political situation in Iran and Iranian Kurdistan as well as the events in the Middle East, in which Iran plays a pivotal role. Within the second pannel, Mr. Mohtadi outlined the current economic and political situation within Iran, in which it became clear that the stability of the Iranian regime is not so evident as Iran wants us to believe. Simultaneously, Kurdish political parties agree and coordinate increasingly in the fight for solidarity, he stated.


Komala party of Iranian Koerdistan

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Abdullah Mohtadi has a successful meeting with the Italian consul to Arbil, Dr. Alessandra di Pippo

On September 6th, 10 A.M., Mr. Mohtadi and Dr. Alessandra di Pippo sat down for a meeting to discuss the current events in the Middle East, Iran and more specifically the situation and human rights violations within Irani kurdistan. After a very productive and successful meeting, the consulate of Italy and Komala have decided to exchange updates and information on the Middle East more often. As Komala, we are looking forward to this cooperation and would like to thank the Italian consulate for their support.

Komala party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Iran confirmes execution of 6 Kurds, including a political prisoner

Iran has confirmed the execution of 6 Kurds, including the execution of a Komala member, Mohammad Abdollahi. Mohammad Abdollahi was a political prisoner in the Urumiah prison since March 4, 2010, when he was wounded and arrested by the Revolutionary Garde in the residential area Bakh Shayagan in Bukan city, his hometown. He was arrested on accusations of enmity, by being a member of Komala, and was sentenced to death. Mohammad was 35 years old and married.

The five other executed, Kamran Pourft, Tohid Pourmehdi, Amir Aziz, jahangir Razavizadeh and Jebreil Kanani were drugs related, according to the Iranian regime, although many political opponents get accused with drug related crimes without a fair trial. 
Within the past two weeks, Iran has executed over 20 political prisoners, all Kurdish and all without a fair trial. 

Mohammad AbdolahiKomala party of Iranian Kurdistan