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in free and fair elections to help promote the wellbeing of all Iranian citizens.


1969 Abdullah Mohtadi founded the party among fellow Kurdish students and intellectuals under the regime of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.


For a Free, Federal and Democratic Iran.




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November 25, 2016 Comments are off admin

Komalay Jinani Rojhelat & UNPO organized a conference regarding the important role of women in the Middle East

On 19 November 2016, Rojhalat Women's Organization of Komala & UNPO organized a full-day conference in Rotterdam(Link), the Netherlands, which brought together a wide range of women's rights advocates from many different countries. The speeches and subsequent discussions between the panelists and the audience focussed on concrete activities, in the past and the future, to increase women's access to social, political and economical means. Speakers from Rojhalat & UNPO gave their views on "the role of women in the Middle East: how to obtain more rights for women and build up a better democracy". Moira Holden and Iris Schelfhout, UNPO representatives, opened the conference by highlighting the valuable role women have already played and could play further. Sharing from her own experiences Ms Schelfhout noted that women are essential in helping to solve disputes without violence because women's strategies for conflictresolution are often based on building a coalition formed through mutual respect devoid of direct confrontation. Financial expert and author Claire Phillipeau shared her holistic vision on how to increase the rights of women. Financial inclusion is one of the millennium development goals and access to financial services can serve as a bridge out of poverty. Together with a team, Ms Phillipeau developed several payment apps for the emerging markets. She continued her contribution to the conference with philosophical and practical means on how to combat global issues like inequality, overpopulation, climate change and reproductive rights for women. Family planning and governance of women over their own body is also an essential part of the empowerment of women, which should not be hampered by religious dogma. Ira Stam, from Passage, a Christian Social Women’s M

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